Reader's Theater

Reinforce vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension while students learn the basics of drama. Adapted to meet the specific needs of students. 


Students will learn to play soprano recorders while connecting the skills used to read music with fundamental reading skills. This music-centered class builds confidence as students use math and reading skills.

Musicians are Readers

This is a music-based reading intervention program for early readers.  Based on the needs of the students, we will work on fundamental literacy skills such as: letter recognition, letter formation, phonics, sight words, and one-to-one correspondence.  Students will play instruments and sing their way to literacy!

General Music

Music classes engage students through singing & movement, dancing, playing instruments, and learning to read music. Reading music is closely related to reading skills used in the classroom, but students enjoy hearing the results of reading in this setting.  Music is really the focus of this class in which students will have the opportunity to play a variety of instruments.


Singers learn the basics of being in an ensemble, reading music, and vocal technique.   Students will practice music of different genres, languages, and cultures to build cultural awareness as well as singing skills.

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