art teacher, Jamey Meteer

Jamey Meteer​


Jamey Meteer is a professional studio artist hailing from Central CA. Her works focus on fine art oil and watercolor paintings, wheel thrown pottery, and handmade ceramic jewelry. From a young age, she was constantly in pursuit of creative endeavors: everything from theatre, dance, and music to creative writing, photography, and a plethora of 2D visual arts. She continues to dabble in music and writing, as well as whatever art projects her two children (age 4 and 7)  are most enthusiastic about.

Jamey is heavily inspired by nature and its value as a subject and source for art. Her hope as a teacher is to not only instill a love of creativity in her students but to increase awareness and respect for wildlife and nature in general.

As an instructor, Jamey has had a wide variety of experience. She has written and directed community & college level theatre productions, taught improvisation and Shakespeare to kids of all ages, and spent two year teaching art and music classes to local immigrants and refugees.

Jamey loves to teach, and can’t wait to create with your students and children!

Cheryl Nance, music teacher and administrator

Cheryl Nance​

Cheryl has over 10 years of experience in different aspects of education.​  With certifications in school administration and teaching music (K-12), she has the capability to integrate fine arts and academics in a seamless manner, ensuring that kids have FUN!   With a strong belief in the correlation of intellect and the arts, Cheryl created A Finer Art.  She continues to base her programs on research and time-proven strategies.  


Cheryl's background includes tutoring beginning readers, math, and study skills.  She has led writing camps and reading programs for students at schools not meeting adequate yearly progress through No Child Left Behind requirements.  With a passion for providing out-of-school time opportunities for ALL students, Cheryl established before and after school programs. Determined to reach as many students as possible, she also created intervention programs to be offered during the school day.  Cheryl coached teachers in effective use of the program's strategies.  She has served as a teacher mentor and an intern supervisor.

A love for music and creating fun experiences is the driving force behind A Finer Art's birthday parties.  Cheryl LOVES planning and hosting parties, so providing planning services and entertainment comes naturally.


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